Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh (IUT) Admission Questions on Physics


IUT is a well-known university of technology in Bangladesh. Here we are going to present some questions (physics) from their previous years’ admission question so that students who want to get ready for IUT can take some idea. So here we go.

IUT Admission Questions on Physics

Mini Question Bank

1. Water has a specific heat of 4.186 kJ/kgC, a boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius, and a heat of vaporization of 2260 kJ/kg. A sealed beaker contains 1000g of water that is initially at 20 degrees Celsius. How much heat is required to bring the water t its boiling point?

Ans: `\theta=ms\triangle\theta`

or, `\theta=0.1\times4.186\times80=33kJ`

2.  Ice, which has a temperature of 0°C, is added to 500 gm of water that has a temperature of 100°C. Ice is continually added to the system until it has all melted and no more ice will melt. What is the temperature of the water in the system?

Ans: As no more ice will melt, therefore temperature will be 0°C

3. An electron is released from the rest at one point in a uniform electric field and moves a distance of 10 cm in `10^-1`s. What is the voltage between the two points?

Ans: `a=\frac{2s}{t^2}=20ms^{-1}` 



4. How many neuclei are present in 1 kg aluminium?

Ans: `2.23\times10^25`

5. The weight of an object on the moon is one-sixth of its weight on Earth. The ratio of the kinetic energy of a body on Earth, moving with speed V to that of the same body moving with speed V on the moon is-

- 1:1

6. A boy jogs around a horizontal circle at a constant speed. He travels one-fourth of a revolution, a distance of 25m along the circumference of the circle, in 5s. The magnitude of his acceleration is:

Ans: `a=\frac{v^2}r=\frac{({\frac st})^2}{\frac{100}{2\pi}}=1.6`

7. A tennis ball is thrown straight up with an initial speed of 22.5 m/s. It is caught at the same distance above the ground. How high does the ball rise?


8. A proton enters in a magnetic field of 6.0 `\mu T` with a velocity of `6\times10^7` m/s. What is the magnetic force on the proton?

Ans: `F = qvB = 5.57\times10^{-17}`

9. A wild rose 1.2 cm in diameter is 90 cm from a camera's zoom lens. The focal length of the lens has a magnitude of 150 mm. What is the distance between the lens and the camera film where the image of the rose is formed?

Ans: 1/u+1/v=1/f

V = 18 cm.

10. A small fish is at a depth of 2 m below the surface of a still pond. What is the apparent deptj of the fish as viewed by a kingfisher near-surface of the pond?

Ans: `a\mu g =` `u/v`



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